~~NOTOC~~ ;;# [[info-akademy-es-2010@kde-espana.es|{{:en:contacto_en.png|}}]] ;;# ;#; [[:anuncio|Castellano]] <color white/white>----</color> [[:eu:anuncio|Euskera]] <color white/white>----</color> [[:ca:anuncio|Català]] <color white/white>----</color> [[:gl:anuncio|Galego]] ;#; ====== Akademy-es 2010 ====== The [[http://www.kde-espana.es|KDE España]] association, together with [[http://itsas.ehu.es/|Itsas]], Free Software group of [[http://www.ehu.es|UPV/EHU]] (University of the Basque Country), in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Basque Goverment, is organizing the **Akademy-es event**. This event gathers developers and users of KDE and will be held in the [[:localizacion|Engineering Technical School of Bilbao]] from the **7th to the 9th of May**. The event will consist of talks, workshops and other activities (dining out, etc.). We want to achieve the following objectives: * Bring together KDE developers from all of Spain, so that they can talk about the projects they are working on and share code, experiences and knowledge. * Inform university teachers and students about features of KDE, to stimulate the development of university projects related thus helping KDE to grow. * Let people with a non-technical background learn what KDE is. * And of course, the main objective is for all of us to enjoy learning about Free Software and KDE. ====== What is KDE? ====== [[http://www.kde.org/|KDE]] is an international multidisciplinary team that develops Free Software consistign of a desktop environment and development framework for multiple operating system, as well as office and PIM suites, multimedia, Web and intranet applications, games, and educational software, and much more. Software created by KDE stands out for its visual appeal, great configuration posibilities and ease of use. On top of that, the software is available under Free Licenses making it possible to be used and distributed freely. ====== About Itsas ====== [[http://itsas.ehu.es/|Itsas]] is the UPV/EHU Free Software Group with the goal to boost the adoption of Free Software, Open Standards and the ideals of Free Culture in the university environment. It is a heterogeneous group, with people from different faculties and groups (professors, researchers, students, etc) as well as people not from the UPV/EHU itself. The group is very open and welcomes any person that wants to help promote these goals in our university. ====== About KDE-España ====== [[http://es.kde.org |KDE España]] is formed by developers and contributors of the KDE project with the aim of stimulating the development and use of the KDE software. Members include a great variety of KDE contributors, including programmers, packagers, documenters, translators and artists.